sobota, 16 lipca 2016

Vlog by a puppet.

Hello my foreign and Polish friends!
How are you?

Today I'm gonna show you first video-blog of life in Poland. I decided on this, because some people asked me to tell about daily activities here. I wanted make something ususual, so I.... made a puppet.

The idea was taken from a video to one song. It's here, I found it on one's friend account. I enjoy it all the time.

I went with my friend to a second hand shop to buy some clother for my new idea. It took 4 days to make it all. It wasn't that difficult at all! I'm so grateful for the help and support from my friends and family, especially the grandfather!

She's good actress, but our Enlgish isn't perfect. We've been improving it all the time.

Here's the video:

Hope you enjoy it!

You also can watch this video from

By the way, I hope next videos quality will be better, because I'm gonna study informatics.

Love ya,

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