poniedziałek, 5 września 2016


Hello everyone!
How are you? Did you come back to school? Or maybe do you work?

Do you celebrate "Harvest" in your country? It's interesting.... Let me know ;)

In our country it's really popular. In August we have many parties in the countries because of harvest. People prepare something to show. It's made from hay. You can see them next to their houses or in the most popular places in the village. Then it's ogranized a party in the village. It's one of my favourite parties! People dance, sing, drink, eat together. In the country is prepared the place to do it. It's really funny to the time people aren't too drunk. Ah, people's nature.

Here you have some photos from a village next to my town.



A horse with a chaise and chaise stop :')
A man with lawn mower - donkey

There were a peacock, a tractor and more, but the photos aren't in a good quality.

What did you do last days?

Dara ♥

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